From the recording Hood Morning Amerika Pt.2

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A lot done changed since 2014
Hood morning Amerika
That's the last time I made hood morning Amerika
Hood morning Amerika
This part two, Queens

When my eyes open up
No time for slowing up
I pull up my blinds
Rain or shine and I soak it up
I take a deep breath
Get in a stretch then I focus up
Blessed with a new day
I Thank God I was woken up
The world went nuts
Last night It was turnt or what
My citizens app man those
Alerts had to turn it off
Like every 10 minutes
Somebody shot Or they poked them up
My city is lawless
9 1 1 Is a joke or what
A Loc Waddup
I ain't never in a hurry
I Been on my time
Yea I live with no worries
Peeked in my son room
I'm so Queens we named him Nore
Head to the bathroom
Rub my eyes cuz shit was blurry
That man in the mirror elite
That's word to mommy
I Can't believe a nigga is old
I got da baldy
This shit crazy
Brush my teeth Hit the Shower
I ain't late just yet
Even if I am
So what I do my grateful check
Grateful for every breathe
Grateful for the love and the hate
Grateful for every threat
It got me on defense
Grateful for my wife and my family
And every niece and neph
Grateful for this job that I hate
Appreciate every check
I'm Grateful for AMF
Grateful for the parents and kids
Grateful for every ref
Especially ones that gave me techs
Grateful for my father who's a leader
Taught me every step
Told me do you homework
That's how you really prep for tests
It's Only good vibes now
I don't react
I respond I use my mind now
I'm living in the grind now
Got a lot of shit on my plate
Eat on my time now
Same watch from last year
Familiar with time now
Got a peace of my mind now
Lil J in Highschool
Learning how to drive now
That shit blowing my mind wow
The world would never be the same
It's really crazy how the climate changed
Loss a couple solid ones
I won't let them forget ya name
This covid shit brung us all kind of pain
Cougar. it's cuz you I'm rappin again
Moe Trey gone be good
I'm be checking for him
Harris When sippin jack
I pour up in ya name
Dan ci to queens we be reppin ya name
Dave Edwards you legendary
Appreciate Maine
Ain't really know you like that
But we stepping same salute
To Momma jones big sis
Im forever O-Head
These youngins calling me old head
Cuz i be on them just like they owe bread
We celebrate when they right keep them focused
They do wrong they gone know it
The World is yours Get with the program
Forever honest never sugar coating
So let me be clear listen up closely
Listen up
The streets don't love you